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Timewaster 'Black & White' Sends Two Opposing Forces To Bend Your Brain

Black & White
No, your monitor isn't broken. While this week's crop of games have been drained of color, they're just as ingenious as their more vibrant brethren. Inspired by doodles, noir cinema and silent films, this batch's stark graphics present curious mechanics and clever adventures. Their addictiveness is as simple as black and white.

Controlling one character in a game can be tricky, but as we've seen before, controlling two is a slippery slope. 'Black & White' (no, not the Peter Molyneux classic) puts us in the shoes of two creatures -- one black and one white -- who must be guided to a similarly colored exit. Of course, with two tangoing, this isn't as easy as it sounds, as you'll be controlling both at the same time. This is accomplished using the arrow keys, with your right and left directions reversed when guiding the white creature. Getting used to the controls is imperative, as you'll have to make both creatures work together in order to solve each stage's puzzle. One character jumps an obstacle while the other holds a door open, leaving your brain sorting out the anti-intuitive directions while planning ahead (think rubbing your stomach while patting your head). Soon enough, you'll be expertly timing dual jumps and forcing characters to certain areas so the other can move freely. While the presentation may be simplistic, each stage is so well-plotted, that when you get each creature home, you'll feel like a multitasking wizard.

Black & White

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