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Find a Security Hole in Google, Make Some Extra Cash

google logo with cashAmateur Web wizards will soon be able to make a little extra cash on Google, thanks to a new security rewards program that the company unveiled.

The new program is essentially a duplicate of Google Chrome's vulnerability reward service, which offers cash compensation to anyone who discovers security holes on the Web browser. Now, vulnerability hunters can troll for weaknesses on more Google properties, including YouTube, Orkut, Blogger, Google Docs and Gmail. Monetary compensation, of course, will be determined by the severity of the exposed vulnerability with base rewards starting at $500 and topping out at $3,133.70.

According to Google, the new program is designed to better identify and repair any bug that "directly affects the confidentiality or integrity of user data," including cross-site scripting and authorization control vulnerabilities. For now, the initiative doesn't cover apps running on local devices like Android, Picasa and Sketchup, but Google says it may expand the program to include such products in the future. If you think you've already unearthed a security bug, you should contact Google now and savor your reward.

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