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Sophos Releases Free Anti-Virus Software for Mac Users

sophos antivirus for mac
Sophos rolled out some free anti-virus software today, giving Mac users a brand new way to guard against the small percentage of malware actually designed to target their systems. While the company's new Anti-Virus Home Edition for Mac is designed to detect and defuse malware aimed at Mac operating systems, it can also pick up on malware that's written for Windows, and is spread via USB drives and e-mail. Sophos's senior security adviser Chet Wisniewski tells CNET that the new software is essentially a free version of the company's Anti-Virus 7.2 for Mac, but specifically tweaked for home users and designed for easier installation.

Sophos's latest security software joins the likes of ClamXav, Avast and iAntiVirus in the Mac anti-virus market, and -- along with the company's new Mac support forum -- should provide users with plenty of firepower to combat all those evil viruses and trojans out there. If you're interested in trying the new software for yourself, you can download it here.

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