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New 'Sesame Street' App Tune May Provoke Apple's Inner Grouch

'app for that' on sesame street
Given Apple's staunch trademark policies and litigious history, there may be a new Muppet appearing on 'Sesame Street' soon. The show aired an original song recently, but the little ditty's catchy refrain could invite the arrival of a dreaded new puppet: Larry the Litigant.

The cute, entertaining and incredibly inopportune 'There's an App for That' song alerts kids to the fact that, regardless of their questions, apps can provide an answer. The song touts the benefits of an iPogo stick and its corresponding array of apps, including options for combing a cat, practicing scat and "counting to 10 in no time flat." So, it looks like the venerable old Count von Count may soon be going into retirement. Because if the Count's mounting obsolescence doesn't move him off 'Sesame Street' and into an old puppet's home, Apple's inevitable lawsuit will. See the song after the break.

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