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Quirky's USB Hub-Organizer Cranes Its Graceful Neck for Clumsy Lummoxes

Quirky's USB drive
If you're clumsy like us, you've probably bumped a USB drive loose from the computer at least once in your life. With luck, the files stored on it weren't damaged when this happened. But, rather than just hoping for good fortune, you'd be better off checking out the new USB hub from the consistently awesome designer, Quirky. Dubbed 'Contort,' the four-port hub and cord organizer sports a flexible neck that helps to prevent it from accidentally coming loose.

Contort is available for pre-order now, but, as with all Quirky concepts, you won't be able to receive the USB drive until enough people commit to buy. (Currently, 73 people out of the required 1,650 have committed.) If you really can't wait, though, you could always go to the library and "accidentally" knock loose everybody's USB drives, and then drop them a link to Quirky's site. That's viral marketing.

Quirky Contort

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