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'Unfriend Finder' Tells You Who Ditched You on Facebook

unfriend finder
It's one of the most perplexing moments known to 21st-century society: the instant you realize that someone, for whatever reason, has decided to unfriend you on Facebook. Yesterday, your friend-count was 623. Today, it's a piddly 622.

Your heart stops. You begin maniacally scanning your Friends list for the hole your departed acquaintance left, while simultaneously wondering what on Earth you could've possibly done to merit such a cold-hearted digital dismissal. You sweat and you tremble -- but, more often than not, you never figure out who jumped ship. With a new browser extension called Unfriend Finder, though, you can finally put your inner demons to rest, and find that elusive sense of Facebook closure.

Designed by Edouard Gatouillat, this script will automatically notify you whenever someone drops you from their Friends list, and tell you exactly who did it. After downloading and installing the Unfriend Finder (which may require a bit of script wizardry on your part), you'll find a new 'unfriends' menu on the left-hand side of your page, directly below the 'friends' menu. The extension is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, but it won't tell you which people have already unfriended you -- only those who do so post-installation. The friends who've already ditched you, then, will likely remain a mystery for the rest of your life.

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