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Pizza Express to Install iPod Docks, Soundproof Domes in Booths

pizza express
According to CNET UK, British restaurant chain Pizza Express will soon install iPod docks at booths, and hang soundproof domes above seats, so that patrons can listen to music while they eat. Customers will sit in a parabolic booth with an iPod or iPhone dock situated beneath the descending dome. The hemisphere traps sounds emitted from the dock, so that other diners aren't disturbed by the jams. (If this sounds familiar, it's because we told you about a Japanese Burger King planning to implement a similar dining gimmick. Of course, we're positive that Burger King didn't enlist a professional acoustician, as Pizza Express did with Professor Sergio Luzzi.) Along with listening to music, Pizza Express patrons can use their iPods to activate a light at the table that tells the restaurant staff if they need a bill, drink refill or anything else.

Is this idea a little crazy? Yes, but we'd also much rather listen to our iPod while sitting inside a Pizza Express (even if some noise bleeds over from the next booth) than eat at any Pizza Hut or Domino's we've seen in the States.
Pizza Express installs iPod docks at tables.

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