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Ohio School District Crushes Kids' Dreams With Online Snow-Day Classes

ice queenThe eyes of nearly every child in the United States instantaneously sparkle at the mere mention of two words: "snow day." Even those of us who grew up in the warmer parts of the country would sometimes be granted the glorious reprieve from school by icy roads, or -- if Heaven would have it -- respectable piles of the white stuff. All those young, wistful, smiling eyes may soon be permanently dulled, though, if one Ohio school district has its way.

Mississinawa Valley School District in Darke County, Ohio has announced that its students will no longer know the joys of spontaneous vacation days -- thanks to the Web. On days when roads are closed due to inclement weather, kids will be forced to attend class on the dang old Internet. District Superintendent Lisa Wendel told the Columbus Dispatch that it will be good for the kids, and will better prepare them for college, where online courses are regularly offered. We have not yet definitively heard whether or not Mississinawa Valley's school lunches will be limited to gruel and boiled cabbage.

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