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eBay 'Instant Sale' Helps You Ditch Your Gadgets for Cash

eBay Instant Sales
As befits the tech-blogger lifestyle, we have piles of aging gadgets lying around. And, while many of them could potentially net us a few bucks on eBay, we're usually too lazy to put together a listing, post photos, and actually ship the small mountain of junk to the people willing to pay for it. But eBay doesn't want you to let your tech castaways gather dust, so the auction site has just launched a streamlined process called Instant Sale. The premise is simple: you search the database for the product you want to ditch, eBay offers you a price, and, if you accept, the company will send you a free label for shipping it to a buyer or recycling facility. (Don't expect to earn a fortune, though; our friends at Engadget were offered $23 for their aging Dell Inspiron 8200, and $57 for a Palm Pixi in good condition.)

Perhaps eBay's having a little launch day trouble, because we couldn't get the site to work at all. Even though Instant Sale suggested that we employ "keywords like the product name (e.g.: iPhone)," our "iphone" search came up empty. Once all the kinks are ironed out, though, Instant Sale could be a perfectly viable way to recycle all of your old gadgets, and maybe make a buck or two.

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