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Amazon to Finally Let You Lend Kindle Books to Friends

Amazon Kindle Lending Kindle-wielding bibliophiles will soon be able to share their favorite books with their literary friends, thanks to a new book lending policy that Amazon announced on Friday. As TechCrunch explains, the new policy will allow readers to lend out their e-books to other Kindle users, who will be allowed 14 days of alone time with the lender's publication of choice. There are, however, some catches. The lender will not be able to read the book during the two-week lending period, nor will every book in the Kindle Store be included in the program -- that's a decision that Amazon will leave to individual publishers or rights holders.

Amazon also announced that customers will soon be able to read Kindle newspapers and magazines on their Kindle apps. This particular feature will begin rolling out on iOS apps, before expanding to include Android and other platforms. The idea, according to Amazon's motto, is to allow readers to "Buy Once, Read Everywhere" -- and, apparently, with every one of your friends.

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