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Space No Longer Safe from Foursquare Over-Sharing Epidemic

NASA Explorer BadgeAstronaut Doug Wheelock just became the first person to unlock the NASA Explorer badge on Foursquare by checking in from the International Space Station. We're assuming he's also now the mayor of the ISS, an accomplishment that will be tough to wrangle away from his space-suited hands. But don't fret, you Foursquare completists: you'll now be able to unlock the Explorer badge by visiting various NASA-related venues like the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. You can visit the space agency's Foursquare page to see what other locations will unlock the badge.

NASA has been unusually aggressive in promoting itself via social media. In addition to Foursquare, NASA is working with Gowalla and has encouraged astronauts to Tweet from space. The only question is, what service will the agency target next? Our guess is streaming ISS videos via Qik.

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