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Vintage Steve Jobs Business Card Shamefully Lacks Core Status Symbols

steve jobs' old business card
Vintage-tech products and retro-gadget ads enable modern geeks to mercilessly mock the already antiquated practices of the not-too-distant past. Embarrassing and amusing bits of nostalgia frequently materialize, including company newsletters, hilarious tech tutorials and even awkward '80s dating shows. Pascall Finette, the head of Mozilla Labs, purportedly unearthed an authentic and priceless piece of Apple memorabilia recently, and the business card -- circa 1979 -- apparently belonged to then Vice President of New Product Development, Steve Jobs.

Understanding Jobs' rise to prominence becomes difficult after viewing the laughable card. Although it does reportedly feature an embossed Apple logo on the back, the card lacks the modern necessities -- like raised lettering, watermarks and the ever-important Silian Rail font -- required to clearly demonstrate the holder's preeminent social status and verbally inexpressible awesomeness.

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