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Networks Blocking Google TV, Ruining Our Good Time

Google TV BlockedOur review unit hasn't even arrived yet and the networks are already raining on the Google TV parade. ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking Sony and Logitech devices packing Google's TV-oriented implementation of Android from streaming television shows. The appeal of Google TV is the ability to access streaming video from the Web, but limiting the content it can stream also limits our interest. The networks are wary of Google's business model, fearing that streaming shows won't make up for the revenue lost from viewers switching from broadcast to online viewing.

In an effort to safeguard some of that revenue, ABC, CBS, NBC and Hulu have all confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that they are actively blocking Google TV. Fox is mulling a ban, but has yet to reach a decision on the matter (although it's worth noting that Fox is part of the partnership behind Hulu). Google is avoiding stepping on the toes of the content providers for now, and said in a statement that it is "ultimately the content owners' choice to restrict their fans from accessing their content on the platform." There's still hope that Google can strike a deal for access, perhaps following a Hulu Plus subscription model. But this could also shape up to be an epic battle between viewers and providers à la Hulu and Boxee.

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