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Patient's Prostate Removed in First All-Robot Surgery

all-robot surgery
Doctors at McGill University Health Center in Montreal have performed the first ever robot-assisted surgery on a patient, without any direct doctor-to-patient contact. Of course, robotic surgery isn't a new approach in medicine, and, no, these 'bots aren't autonomous. Dr. Thomas Hemmerling and Dr. Armin Aprikian controlled robots named McSleepy and DaVinci, as they administered anesthesia and removed part of a patient's prostate.

Dr. Aprikian told the University that the robots make surgery much safer and quicker, since the 'bots can make precise and delicate movements that human fingers cannot. But those fearful of a robot-dominated future shouldn't fret (not yet anyway). Dr. Hemmerling believes it will be quite a while before fully autonomous robotic surgeries can be performed successfully. Most surgery 'bots are too large for an autonomous method to be practical, and the tech is still lagging. "Robots will not replace doctors but help them to perform to the highest standards," he said.

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