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Get Your Likes Out of My Browser! 'Facebook Disconnect' Blocks the 'Book

Facebook Disconnect
Facebook has been extending its blue and white tentacles across the Web, embedding its "Connect" widgets and "Like" boxes anywhere with a empty bit of white space. But maybe you don't care about Facebook, or maybe you're worried about potential privacy problems. Maybe you just like your Internet uncluttered by ads, buttons and widgets. There are plenty of reasons for wanting to banish the ubiquitous Facebook integration. Thankfully, a new Chrome extension, appropriately titled Facebook Disconnect, kicks those widgets and buttons to the curb, and actually prevents third party sites from sending data back to Facebook.

Facebook Disconnect was created by Brian Kennish, an engineer at Google, but Kennish is quick to clarify that the extension is a work of his own that is in no way associated with or endorsed by Google. Get the extension here and start blocking sites (even our own!) from using Facebook's social widgets when you visit.

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