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Man Drops Cell Phone in Toilet, Gets Arm Stuck While Trying to Retrieve It

arm stuck in toiletWe all feel a certain degree of attachment to our phones, but most people probably wouldn't be willing to stick their arms down a public toilet to retrieve their submerged cells. This anonymous guy from China, however, is apparently not "most people."

After dropping his phone in a toilet (not as rare an event as you'd think) in China's Jiangsu province, the man decided to go fishing for it with his arm. As if that decision wasn't humiliating enough, he then proceeded to get his arm firmly lodged in the toilet's pipe. So dire was his predicament, in fact, that rescue workers were called on to the scene (along with a television crew). After smashing the porcelain bowl and hammering away at the pipes, the workers were finally able to dislodge the man's scratched arm, and, most importantly, retrieved his waterlogged phone. For the sake of this guy's integrity, we can only hope he was in the middle of a very important call. See the poor man's demeaning experience in a video after the break.

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