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Forehead Tattoo Helps Florida Police Identify iPhone Thief

joseph eric williams Joseph Eric Williams knows who he is, and he clearly wants everyone else to know who he is, too. Why else would he have the phrase 'I'm Me' tattooed across his forehead? Unfortunately for him, though, that tattoo also helped police identify him as a suspected iPhone thief.

According to police in Broward, Florida, 19-year-old Williams is believed to have stolen iPhones from as many as 15 AT&T stores in the past two months. And, although he also sports facial tattoos of a teardrop and a money bag, it was ultimately the 'I'm Me' slogan that helped law enforcement officials identify him. As NBC Miami reports, however, police have yet to arrest Williams, and are currently offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information on his whereabouts. If you're interested in collecting some extra cash, then, we'd recommend scouring your local tattoo removal parlors for a paranoid man with lots of iPhones. (And drop a line to Crime Stoppers Miami.)

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