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Mac OS X Lion Unveiled with Mac App Store, Launchpad and Mission Control

Today in Cupertino, Apple shifted its focus from mobile devices back to the desktop. Steve Jobs teased the newest version of 10.7, OS X Lion, for the first time at the 'Back to the Mac' event. Jobs presented several features that worked especially well with the iOS system -- including multi-touch gestures, an App Store and home screens -- which will be showing up in Lion. The new OS is on track for next year, and should be launching in summer 2011.

App Store

The new App Store, which looks like a traditional OS X app, brings the iOS purchasing and downloading experience to the desktop. Instead of browsing download sites, opening zipped files and working with an installer, the App Store offers one click downloads, as well as automatic updates.

The OS X version of App Store will arrive before Lion hits next summer, launching in just 90 days on Snow Leopard.

Full Screen Apps

fullscreen apps
Apple is finally introducing full-screen apps to OS X with standard interface controls and gestures for moving between both pages and apps. If you pull up a PDF in full screen, for example, you'll be able to swipe left and right to move to the desktop, widgets screen or other full screen apps.


Essentially, Launchpad brings the iOS homescreen concept to your Mac desktop. The overlay grid provides an easy way to access apps, and, like iOS, features swipable screens, folders and drag-and-drop app organization.

Mission Control

Mission Control mixes OS X's Exposé, Dashboard and Spaces into a single tool for controlling and quickly accessing your apps, windows and workspaces. Bringing up Mission Control will show windows clustered around individual apps. In other words, if you've got 10 Chrome windows open, they'll all be collected together in one space, and you can dive in to expand those app-specific windows.

Apple OS X 10.7 Lion

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