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Flash Builder 'Crane Wars' Fuses Workforce Politics with 'Jenga'

Crane Wars
Usually, flash games are known for punchy bursts of quick n'dirty, button-mashing gameplay -- but sometimes we crave more than a short fix. That's the theme for this week's crop of browser-based strategy games: these titles force us to juggle a multitude of complex tasks and intricate systems, each rife with addictive experiences. Of course, the hardest part of playing will be getting back to work...

'Crane Wars' may be light on strategy, but it's heavy on physics-based fun... and destruction. As a member of a unionized construction team, compete against worthless scabs to complete construction around town. By operating the construction crane, you must use to gingerly stack blocks which magically transform into a building once you've piled up enough. But making it that far takes 'Jenga'-like skills, and you're very likely to see your buildings collapse in flaming rubble before they're finished. (Sometimes this destruction is due to jerky scabs launching projectiles at your site, but more often than not, blame the crane's fickle controls.) In the midst of this, like IRL, race against steadily dwindling funds. Once your money runs out, construction comes to an end, so you need to balance swift building with care. While frustrating, it's addictive, composed of hours of content and features a charming mix of great graphics and a solid sense of humor.

Crane Wars

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