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Find Out if Your Flight Has Internet at HasWiFi

For better or worse, Wi-Fi is an increasingly common amenity on flights, both domestic and international. The upside is that you can get work done in transit. The down side is that you're expected to get online and get work done in transit. Many now fly assuming they'll have Internet access at 30,000 feet, but that isn't always the case, and there hasn't been a particularly easy way to check before purchasing your tickets. HasWiFi attempts to solve this conundrum by building a searchable database of Wi-Fi equipped flights. At the moment HasWiFi can only search six U.S. carriers, but founder Anthony Petito hopes to expand that pool of data soon. He also plans to offer an API so that other sites like Expedia can search HasWiFi data, eliminating the need to find a cheap flight on one site, figure out if it has Wi-Fi on another, and then go back to the original to purchase your tickets.

While many will be using the site to find flights that have Wi-Fi, at least a few of us might be interested in finding ones that don't. For instance, some of us like to use the flight to Vegas for CES every January to catch up on the sleep we know we won't be getting during the next week. No Wi-Fi provides a convenient excuse for getting a little shut eye instead of six more hours staring at our laptop screens.

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