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DIY Tweeting Snuggie Is as Ridiculous as It Is Awesome

Tweeting Snuggie
Bringing a smile to a geek's face is easy: take several things they love (especially things they love ironically), and jam them together in some ridiculous way that's both incredibly novel and completely useless. It's a flawless formula that leads to the creation of things like this tweeting Snuggie (or Slanket if that's your bag). The recipe is simple. Take one cheap piece of infomercial-famous merchandise, combine it with the DIY-friendly Arduino processor, connect the whole thing to Twitter, and you've got something that will make geeks chuckle and wonder how they can build their own. Thankfully, the instructions for creating your own microblogging blanket-with-sleeves have been posted on Instructables for anyone to copy. If you've got the raw materials, you'll need only basic sewing skills and the ability to identify simple electronic components. The programming code is provided for you to copy, paste and load onto your Arduino, and all the other steps are laid out in ways that your average 12-year old should be able to follow.

The end result is a cozy wearable that, at the push of a button, can send a single, predetermined message like, "I'm all sorts of cozy in my Tweeting Snuggie," to your Twitter account.

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