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Guess the Ridiculous New URL for the National Schools Film Week

sisko facepalm
For your Lolz Of The Day treasure trove, we present to you the URL for the National Schools Film Week new website, which, if you're adept in your Internet acronyms, spells out the decidedly un-scholastic NSFW. The U.K.-based program provides schoolchildren and their teachers with the opportunity to experience cinema of the safe-for-work sort, even if seems like it would be a repository of grunts, sweat and spasms. (Well, if NSFW is screening 'I Am Curious (Yellow)' or some late Fassbinder, maybe it will.)

We fear, however, that youngsters looking for the program's new homepage will either be blocked by Net Nanny-ish software or unwittingly stray to (a truly NSFW site that we accidentally accessed ourselves, and whose educational content only licks at the first principles of biology.) It's sad oversight or a joke with unwitting consequences to forget that your organization shares a name with the red flag of the Internet, as with that Canadian history journal called The Beaver. But if you want to learn about the filmmaker's definition of a DP, make sure that you only hit up the .org site.

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