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A Virtual Miracle on 34th Street: Macy's to Debut Digital 'Magic Fitting Room'

macy's 'magic fitting room'
The famous Macy's in Manhattan's Herald Square will debut a so-called Magic Fitting Room next month, which will allow shoppers to virtually try on clothes. A 72-inch mirror display will digitally swathe you with the latest styles from Marc Ecko, Alfani or whatever it is they sell there. (We don't like to go, because the staff literally corrals shoppers into one-way, single-file lines during the holidays.)

The Magic Fitting Room (which we'd only call 'magic' if it can shave 20 pounds off our sides) uses augmented reality software to work its wizardry, but we're not sure if any kind of AR markers are necessary to get the process going. (We're reminded, however, of the World Wildlife Fund's AR T-shirt, which simulates the experience of being shot in the chest as you stand in front of a mirror.) The shopper simply "flicks" her desired piece of clothing from an iPad app interface and onto the mirror, powered by Windows 7 .Net WPF Gesture Control. We'll have to stop by the store (read: spend an afternoon wading through a sea of Midtown tourists to get from the Petites to the Men's department), when the Magic debuts in November.

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