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LEGO Wiimote Brings Even More Child-Like Charm to Wii

Lego Wiimote
LEGO bricks make everything better, including zoo animals and Star Wars, but the little colored bricks have been conspicuously absent from the world of gaming peripherals and accessories. That all changes this week when the LEGO-branded Wii remote goes on sale at Toys "R" Us for $40. The colorful Wii-mote is far from subtle, but there is a certain childish charm to its multi-hued, blocky design. Sadly, you don't build the Lego Wiimote from scratch. Just a standard controller, it does offer a few areas where you can add blocks in order to change the color pattern and design. There is no real benefit to choosing the Lego controller over the cheaper Nintendo option. But, if you find the white and black standard Wii options a little dull, the Lego Wiimote can bring a splash of color to your motion-controlled gaming sessions.

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