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Facebook's New Comment System Lets You Dislike Things

Facebook Comments
Facebook users have been clamoring for a dislike button ever since the site first added its "like" feature. And, judging from the network's new comments plugin, it appears that Mark Zuckerberg has finally heard our pleas to hate on things with the click of a button. The tool isn't being added to people's Facebook profiles (at least not yet), and the word "dislike" never actually makes an appearance. But the new threaded commenting system (which you can see on the security post pictured above) does have buttons that allow you to vote up or down on a particular comment, Reddit style.

While it's unclear if voting up or down has any impact on comment positioning, the new system always keeps your comments and accompanying threads at the top. For now, the system is limited to Facebook (where it would be a welcome addition the new Groups feature), but it's easy to imagine it being ported to external sites, as well, taking on services like Disqus and Intense Debate. Facebook's march towards Internet dominance continues!

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