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Unemployed Gamer Runs Girlfriend Off Road to Get His PlayStation Back

darren suchon
Darren Suchon, like many middle-aged unemployed people, used to spend his days playing video games. One day, though, his girlfriend, Colleen Frable, decided she'd had enough of Suchon's idle gaming, and took his beloved PlayStation to work with her. The 42-year-old gamer then did what most video game addicts would do. He drove her off the road.

According to the Morning Call, Suchon followed his girlfriend to work (in her Porsche, no less) and hit her car several times, before forcing her to pull over onto the road's shoulder. When Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania police questioned him, Suchon replied that he "didn't know what the big deal was," and "just wanted the game." Of course he did.

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