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Walmart to Start Selling iPad on October 15th

iPad at Walmart
Starting Friday, October 15th, Walmart will be selling the status gadget du jour, the iPad. The Apple tablet will initially be available in "hundreds" of the big box retailer's locations, but, by mid November, that number should reach 2,300. Rather than wait for a unit to ship, or drive to your nearest Apple store (which, if you're not in a major metropolitan area, might not be particularly close), you can now head on over to Walmart to pick up the 9.7-inch Apple slate. Prices will be the same as they are when purchasing through Apple, but the push towards broader availability so early in the product's life may signal that the Cupertino crew is already feeling the pressure from the soon-to-be-saturated tablet market.

It'll also be a boon for Walmart, which will be offering this year's it gadget just in time for the holidays. So you can go pick up a cheap 12-pack of athletic socks for your brother and a fondue set for your parents, and get yourself a little Christmas gift while you're at it.

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