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SNL's Andy Samberg Plays Eisenberg's Zuckerberg

Andy Samberg Plays Zuckerberg
Over the weekend, 'Saturday Night Live' totally friended and poked Facebook with two sketches directly aimed at the site. In the first, Mark Zuckerberg, played by Andy Samberg, appears on "Weekend Update," where he comments on blockbuster film 'The Social Network,' and offers some insight into his own life and motives -- namely, that he did it all for the ladies. In the second, a young ne'er-do-well, also played by Samberg, can't decide whether or not to accept his mom's friend request. Thanks to the artificial intelligence of the 'Damn It, My Mom's on Facebook' app, though, the oversexed, underchurched pothead can post with immunity. Both videos are after the break, so check them out.

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