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Yahoo! Messenger Takes on FaceTime with 3G Video Chat on iPhone and Android

Yahoo! MessengerThe world may finally be ready for mobile video calling if recent moves by smartphone app developers are any indication. The Evo 4G was one of the first to tout the ability (although AT&T had already offered a limited form of video calling though its Video Share service), and the iPhone 4, with its Wi-Fi only FaceTime app, followed shortly thereafter. Other apps like Fring have also begun offering video calls over 3G, but those apps only have a limited market presence. Yahoo!'s David Katz told Reuters on Thursday that Yahoo! Messenger would be hitting the iPhone and Android with video calling abilities. Earlier this week it was revealed that the T-Mobile 4G myTouch would come equipped with a video calling app provided by Yahoo!. Now the company has announced plans to bring those capabilities to the broader smartphone market.

Companies like Skype are better known for their video calling features, but so far they've avoided offering those services on mobile phones. Yahoo! is the first mainstream messaging service to offer video calling across a wide range of devices, and may be signaling that mobile video calls are ready for prime-time.

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