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Does 'NBA Jam' Have a Liberal Bias? FOX News Thinks It Might

nba jam
We, like most good Americans, rely on FOX News to let us know which media outlets to trust (i.e., FOX News), and which agenda-driven sources we should disregard as pawns of the vast left-wing conspiracy (i.e., everything else). Yet, as much as we've enjoyed existing within Rupert Murdoch's vacuum of objectivity, we couldn't help but raise a few eyebrows when our guiding light of journalistic integrity pointed out that one of our most beloved NBA video games may be trying to brainwash us with liberal, commie pinko propaganda.

The latest edition of EA Sports' 'NBA Jam,' you see, allows gamers to play basketball as one of their favorite politicians, including President Obama and Sarah Palin. The feature may seem like a relatively harmless way to incorporate politics into sports video games, but take a closer look: digital Obama is really good at basketball. A little too good, in fact.

In a predictably awkward interview with EA Sports President Peter Moore, FOX News anchor Jenna Lee innocently wondered whether the latest 'NBA Jam' game can truly be considered "bi-partisan" if it allows The Most Liberal President Ever to effortlessly school his freedom-loving counterparts. Moore admitted that the President has a special skill set in the game, but justified the decision by arguing that the real-life Obama is actually a pretty good basketball player, and, well, he is the leader of the free world, which has gotta count for something, right?

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