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'Super-Microphone' Pinpoints Individual Sounds Inside Noisy Arenas

Super Microphone
A couple of Norwegian scientists have created a "super-microphone" that sports fans will love and athletes will probably hate. According to New Scientist, the AudioScope, which hangs from the ceiling, is comprised of 300 microphones arranged in a circle with a wide-angle camera placed in the middle. And it's apparently powerful enough to isolate a single sound from the din of an arena. After manually pinpointing a spot with the camera, the AudioScope's software measures the time it would take for the sound coming from that location to reach every microphone and digitally adjusts each mic to synchronize with the sound waves coming from that spot. So, for example, if LeBron James is whining about a foul call to a referee, the AudioScope could zoom in and clearly discern what James is saying. In the video, which you can see after the break, the AudioScope even picks up the pop of bubblegum from the bench at a noisy Los Angeles Lakers game.

Just imagine all the trash-talking sports fans would get to hear if an AudioScope were installed in arenas across the country; it'd be like having a private line to noted motormouth Ron Artest's brain.

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