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'When it Drops' Gives You the Latest Movie, Music and Book Releases

when it drops
We all have our own favorite sites to consult for the latest movie, music or video game releases. With a cleanly designed site called 'When it Drops,' though, Web surfers can now find all this information with one click of a mouse. Each week, When it Drops gives a snapshot of the latest movies, DVDs, albums, books and video games to hit the market that week, as well as the products released the week prior and those scheduled to drop over the next two weeks. Hovering your cursor over each icon will also give you some basic information about the newly released item. If you're interested in seeing the latest movie to hit theaters, for example, you can instantly check the film's rating on RottenTomatoes, find links to buy tickets, or view trailers. The concept may sound simple, but that's exactly what makes 'When it Drops' so useful.

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