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Want to Lose Facebook Friends? Be Annoying, Racist and Vulgar, Study Says

removing facebook friendWhen it comes to unfriending people on Facebook, most of us don't think twice. Much like removing a Band-Aid or throwing out a banana peel, dumping dead weight from our friends lists nowadays doesn't seem like a psychologically complex decision. University of Colorado Ph.D. candidate Christopher Sibona, however, decided to take a closer look at the social dynamics governing the unfriending process, and eventually put together a list of the five primary reasons we choose to cut ties with some members of our online entourage.

According to the study, the best way to lose Facebook friends is to harp about the same subject, ad nauseam. Not surprisingly, persistent ranting is a major turn off, for most people -- and the number one reason people decide to pull the plug on virtual relationships. Using the platform to spread your political ideology is the second most effective way to lose your friends, followed by using Facebook to gab about religion. Posting vulgar or racist status updates, meanwhile, comprise the fourth and fifth most popular reasons, respectively.

Sibona, who conducted the study via polls posted on Twitter, says he wanted to examine an online social phenomenon that, thus far, hasn't received a whole lot of attention from the academic community. "Researchers spend a lot of time examining how people form friendships online but little is known about how these relationships end," the Ph.D. candidate tells Time. Judging from Sibona's results, though, it seems like most Facebook users ditch their online friends for the same reasons they ditch their real-life friends: because they're annoying jerks.

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