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Singapore Airlines May Allow Cell Phone Use During Long Flights

Singapore Airlines could offer in-flight cell phone use.
Many major airlines offer Wi-Fi connectivity on flights, but according to ABC News, Singapore Airlines could allow passengers to send text messages or make cell phone calls on medium-to-long flights as soon as early next year. This service, which is part of an in-flight Wi-Fi Internet system being implemented, would be available on about 43 planes -- or half the airline's fleet. Of course, cell phone use on planes is prohibited in the U.S., but a spokesman told ABC News that Singapore Airline's system would comply with those regulations -- meaning you still won't be able to use cell phones during takeoff or landing in the U.S.

There's no word on how much it would cost, if anything, to make a call or send a text during a flight, but we're betting it won't be free. Although the future for the services is still up in the air, Rick Seaney, CEO of travel site, believes the future is bright for in-flight cell phone use. He told ABC News that it won't be long before airlines in the U.S. offer the option to passengers. For our peace of mind, we hope that doesn't happen. At the least, airlines will need to designate "No Cell Phone" sections.

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