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A Man Named Justin Bieber Gets Kicked Off Facebook for His Name

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has a hard life. He receives tons of fan letters every day, his phone rings at all hours of the night -- and he's not even a celebrity.

Unlike the teen heartthrob of the same name, this Justin Bieber, from Jacksonville, Florida is an adult, married man who enjoys playing pinball, and, by all indications, has absolutely no intention of pursuing a career in the bubblegum pop industry. That hasn't kept many, however, from constantly confusing him for the dreamy underage singer -- even, apparently, on Facebook.

Although he had been a law abiding member of the Facebook community for six months, Bieber recently woke up one morning to discover that his account had been deactivated. Apparently, Facebook's security overlords thought that the man was using a fake name, and decided to delete his account without warning. Bieber's already tried to contact Facebook to have his account reinstated, but to no avail. "I guess their policy is ban first, ask questions never," the Floridian tells First Coast News. Bieber's account on Ping was also briefly deactivated, for similar reasons.

Even without a presence on Facebook, though, Bieber will still have to put up with the everyday burden that his name has bestowed upon him. The incessant phone calls have already forced him to change his number and list it under his wife's name. Now that someone has posted it to a fan Web page, though, the admitted arcade junkie receives countless messages from tragically confused fans, or, in some cases, musicians looking to work with him. "Artists saying, 'I am going to be working with you this weekend,'" Bieber explains. "I say, 'no, you're not, you don't want to sing with me.'"

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