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Cheaters Using Smartphones to Escape Hedge Mazes

longleat maze on iphone Employees at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire, England, started noticing something strange recently. The giant, three-dimensional hedge maze that normally takes 90 minutes of hair-pulling panic to complete was becoming a breeze for many patrons, who were blowing through the attraction in a matter of minutes. Eventually the workers realized that many were ingeniously using their phones to cheat their way through the labyrinth. By pulling up satellite images of the maze on Google Maps and Google Earth, the digital adventurers were able to use GPS to navigate through the nearly two miles of seven-foot-hedge-lined paths. Employees have also reported seeing some wanderers attempting to snap photos with their phones by reaching above the hedge-line, skirting the surprise of upcoming twists and turns.

Using GPS and satellite images to cheat your way through a hedge maze is certainly counter to the spirit of the challenge, but we've got to congratulate them on their ingenuity.

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