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GPS Leads Spanish Man to Reservoir and a Watery Grave

gpsWe've learned by know that stubbornly following your GPS can lead to all sorts of trouble. Usually, the incidents result in little more than embarrassment and a lesson learned the hard way. Sadly, for a man on his way home from a street fair near the Spanish town of Capilla, it led to a close call for his passenger and to his own death.

The 37-year-old man was driving home in his Peugeot 306 towards the city of Seville when his GPS instructed him to turn onto an old road that led him straight into the La Serena Reservoir. The two men managed to escape the sinking car, but only the passenger made it ashore; the driver drowned while trying to escape. A Red Cross spokesperson told the Telegraph, "Because it was dark they didn't see the water in time to brake and the vehicle sank within a few minutes." It's just another reminder to second guess anything your GPS tells you.

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