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'Kid's Walker' Robot Gives Your Kid the Gift of Physical Injury

kid's walkerWhat's a great way to tear your child away from his PlayStation and get him outside? Why, with a giant robotic toy that will walk for him, of course!

At a little over 5-feet tall and weighing over 400 lbs., the new 'Kid's Walker' 'Avatar'-esque robo suit isn't so much a toy as it is a recipe for carnage. Just plop your kid in the bot's seat, let him spend hours cruising around the neighborhood on the cyborg's tank of gas, and wait with bated breath for the inevitable call from the EMS. Created by the undoubtedly demonic minds at Sakakibara Kikai, this killing machine's estimated market price is $21,600 -- estimated, of course, because the toy isn't yet on the market.

If you're still worried about arming your kid with a nearly quarter-ton, gas-powered Hov-A-Round, fear not. According to Wired, the 'Kid's Walker' can't climb stairs, or navigate its way across rocky terrain. It seems like it's limited, then, to flat surfaces, sidewalks, and busy highways. Your kid'll be fine.

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