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Woman Travels 200 Miles, With Gun in Hand, to Kill Mean Internet Commenter

breanna greathouse Dear Switched commenters: please think twice before verbally bashing someone online! We have to imagine that there are more people out there like 25-year-old Breana Greathouse, who traveled over 200 miles with a gun in her hand to kill someone who was mean to her on the Internet.

Breana (which we've also seen spelled "Briana") was apprehended on Wednesday morning in Ottumwa, Iowa after coming all the way from Kansas City, Missouri to allegedly kill a man named Forrest Jamison, because "she believed that he made derogatory postings about her on the Internet," according to a statement by Ottumwa police. She's currently being held in jail on a $35,000 cash bond, although her mother Susan Greathouse -- who was also arrested for calling and harassing Jamison -- posted bond yesterday.

No one's sure where these postings were published, or what they said, but we've seen the dark hearts of Web commenters before, and we're pretty sure it wasn't "omg ur so adorbz." (We did manage to find Jamison's MySpace page, as well as a possibly unrelated but highly suspicious series of postings against "Breanna Greathouse" and about someone named "Forrest Jamison" on the Underground Hip Hop Forums. The angry sentiment and timing seem to fit, but we can't be sure.)

The irony, as Gawker points out, is that everyone's just going to hop straight to the comment boards to say something horrible about Greathouse. But don't do it! We're not condoning her actions in the slightest, but cyberbullying is out of control. PEOPLE, PLEASE BE NICE! Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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