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Puzzles Meet RPGs in 'Knightfall 2,' A Free Flash Game

Knightfall 2
With the advances games have made over the decades, we sometimes pine for the simple, logical satisfaction of a puzzle game. 'Halo' is great, but we doubt people will be playing it decades from now -- unlike the head-scratchingly good 'Tetris.' Forget big budgets, cinematic storytelling and the whole games-as-art argument, and get down with some puzzling goodness. We've rounded up some of our online faves for playing at our desks, so put on your thinking cap (or whatever you have), and get ready.

Take one part color-coded puzzler ('Bejeweled' or 'Puzzle Bobble,' for instance) and about 100 parts dungeon-crawling, hack-and-slash RPG, and you have yourself 'Knightfall 2.' The game takes place primarily on a game board filled with multi-colored blocks, and players must clear groups of like-colored blocks in order to guide a knight towards a key, and subsequently an exit door. The actual puzzling elements of the game are fairly light, but the role-playing and skill-building add a great deal of dimension to them. Players progress through a world filled with shops and village people, collect various items, earn experience points, and battle enemies on the game board, itself. It's a really fun twist on two traditional genres, although we'd love to see the puzzling kicked up a notch for the inevitable 'Knightfall 3.'

Knightfall 2

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