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Facebook Users Can Now Upload High-Res Photos, Bulk Tag Friends

Facebook High Res Facebook users everywhere will soon be able to upload photos in higher resolution, tag their friends with greater efficiency and browse through their friends' albums with more grace, thanks to a new set of features that will begin rolling out this month.

The social networking site's new photo features will allow users to upload photos in a 2048-pixel resolution, instead of the traditional 720-pixel resolution. "It's enough pixels to print out a 5x7 print at 300 DPI," says Facebook Photos product manager Sam Odio. In addition, Facebook members will no longer have to load a separate Web page to view each photo in a friend's album, thanks to a streamlined viewing function that automatically displays images, comments and tags directly on top of an already opened page. "It's essentially going to happen very quickly, right when you click on the thumbnail," Odio says. "If you click on a photo and an album from a news feed, you can still page through the entire album."

Facebook Photos: High Resolution and Bulk Tagging

Once a photo is uploaded, Facebook users can also tag their friends in bulk, instead of identifying them individually. While the site's new bulk tagging mechanism can reportedly detect when a user has tagged the same person twice, Facebook says it won't be using facial recognition technology anytime soon. "Picasa and iPhoto -- they'll detect a face and say, 'This is Sam,' and they'll suggest that it's Sam," Odin explains. "We're not doing that. We're not linking any faces to profiles automatically. Right now, we want to stay away from that because it's a very touchy subject."

Odin went on to say that the overhaul is primarily intended to make the photo viewing experience easier for Facebook's growing community, and, in particular, for those with chronically slow Internet connections. "Reliability is extremely important to us," he says. "The biggest problem in other countries, where you're talking about slower computers and slower Internet connections: they were really struggling to upload photos to Facebook."

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