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Super Hi-Vision Footage Sent Over the Internet from U.K. to Japan

Super Hi-Vision
Some might consider a concert by The Charlatans to be a wasteful way to showcase cutting-edge technology. Not Japanese public broadcaster NHK, though, which will be filming the British alt rockers for the first public demonstration of its new Super Hi-Vision broadcast system Wednesday. This new "super HD" specification pumps out images at a staggering 7680-by-4320 pixels. That's 16-times the number of pixels produced by the current "full HD" standard, 1080p. The technology is so new that only three cameras capable of capturing the footage exist, and NHK had to build custom displays for the demo. That includes a 103-inch plasma set on which spectators in the U.K. watched the performance, while the band played in the next room. The concert was also broadcast in Japan on a giant screen for public viewing.

NHK hopes to have the technology ready for the 2012 Olympics. The broadcaster wants to install large public displays, so that crowds can watch the action even if they can't attend a particular event. Looking further into the future, NHK aims to start broadcasting Super Hi-Vision programming for home viewing in 2020. High-quality 1080p images are already impressive (and disturbing) enough. With Hi-Vision, we'll be able to make out every fine detail of each pore on the faces of TV personalities.

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