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Iran Introduces Flying Boats With Machine Guns, Scares Nobody

Iran Boats
What's better than a machine gun-equipped military boat? A machine gun-equipped military boat that flies, of course -- and, apparently, Iran now has one.

As part of the country's Sacred Week of Defense, which commemorates its eight-year war with Iraq, Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled three squadrons of new flying boats yesterday to the delight of the handful of people who actually support the Revolutionary Guard. CNN reports that the boat, known as the Bavar-2, is packed with a machine gun and cameras, while the BBC emphasizes the boat's unique surveillance infrastructure, which includes technology that allows it to avoid radar. Of course, that's also what the Revolutionary Guard claimed in 2006, when it unveiled a previous line of missile-equipped flying boats -- and comprehensively failed to scare anyone. Don't expect the Bavar-2 to strike fear in the hearts of international leaders, either. The boats are, after all, painted in a decidedly non-threatening shade of periwinkle.

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