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IMDB Unveils Site Redesign Ahead of 20th Anniversary

In an attempt to make its platform more user friendly, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) launched a major site redesign this week, with a particular emphasis on increasing video footage and streamlining site aesthetics. IMDB founder and CEO Col Needham tells the AP that his movie site underwent a makeover primarily to "emphasize the visual nature of film and TV." It's also no coincidence that the redesign comes just ahead of the site's 20th anniversary.

After spending some time strolling through IMDB's new site, it's clear that the site's homepage is considerably more pleasant, and, graphically, at least, almost resembles a blog. And, as Needham suggested, trailers, ticket information and photo galleries are prominently displayed. Although the site's old design seemed based in a late '90s aesthetic, it was easy to skim at a glance. IMDB power users, then, may find it difficult to adjust to the expanded layout's wider text spacing.

The site's founder also said that the redesign was intended to "help people make viewing decisions." The site's search system looks largely the same, but each movie entry is much better organized, and reader-friendly. Of course, the always lengthy entries are still sometimes cumbersome to search, but the cleaner design definitely makes spending hours reading about an obscure Romanian director that much more enjoyable.

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