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Google Street View Covers All Seven Continents, Penguins Reconsider Privacy

Google Street View, Antarctica
It was just over three years ago that Google introduced Street View in a select few U.S. cities. Since then, the project has greatly expanded, covering much of the globe. As of today, with the addition of Brazil, Ireland and Antarctica, Street View is now available on every continent. The scenery in Brazil and Ireland may be beautiful, but it's the addition of Antarctica that is really attention-grabbing. Brian McClendon, VP of Engineering for Google Earth and Maps, and his wife Beth Ellyn took an expedition to Half Moon Island in January. What better way to spend your vacation than snapping photos for the Google product you manage?

Google has already started on the rest of the solar system with Google Mars and Google Moon, so don't be surprised when a Googlebot knocks on your door, and asks if it can take photos of your bathroom.

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