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'EmotionSense' System Measures Happiness via Cell Phone

Nokia 6210 NavigatorCell phones can monitor concrete factors like location, but could they possibly monitor our happiness? According to Physorg, University of Cambridge researchers have created a system, dubbed 'Emotionsense,' that cross-references voice samples recorded on cell phones with other data, like a caller's location, in order to find out whether or not a cell phone could monitor emotions.

Given Nokia 6210 Navigators for 10 days, volunteers were told to use the phones as they would any other, and to keep a diary for the duration. After the study ended, researchers listened to the vocal recordings, and compared them with an existing database of recordings used to categorize speech into five emotional categories: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, neutral. Along with that, the researchers used the phone's GPS to identify the caller's location, Bluetooth to find out who was near the caller, and the call log to see with whom they'd spoken over the 10 days. By combining and analyzing all this data, researchers discovered that the 'EmotionSense' analysis of a person's happiness correlated about 70-percent of the time with what they'd written in the diary about their emotional state.

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