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Facebook and Skype Teaming Up for SMS and Voice Chat Sharing

facebook and skype iconsFacebook may not be officially developing its own cellphone, but the networking service is collaborating with another massively popular communicative tool. According to All Things Digital's Kara Swisher, Facebook and Skype plan to merge their diverse, respective services through a new alliance. The collaboration will reportedly enable Facebook Connect services for Skype members, while allowing those members to SMS and call their Facebook friends. Similarly, Facebook will welcome new Skype capabilities, specifically and most notably voice chat.

Facebook continues to expand and ally itself with various e-mail and social services, including Microsoft and Yahoo!. Swisher contends that Skype is also readying itself for its own new partnership with phone manufacturer Avaya. Those expansion moves and the new merger should help the two sites grow, though some critics may believe that 'The Social Network' will perturb prospective social networkers and stagnate Facebook's membership.

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