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Twitter TV: CBS Buys Show Based on 'Don't Tell Steve' Account

don't tell steve
'$#*! My Dad Says,' as we predicted, is probably the worst show on network television. As it turns out, though, the show's painfully flat series premiere hasn't discouraged CBS from pursuing another show based entirely on a comedic Twitter account.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network has now inked a script deal to produce a new series based on the Twitter account @shhhdontellsteve, a handle that provides semi-amusing stories about one man's roommate. The new show will reportedly be produced by CBS TV Studios and Katalyst, a production company owned by Twitter aficionado Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher and his team of executive producers, of course, will still have to come up with a convincing pilot before the show gets the green light, and constructing a compelling script around bro-centric one-liners certainly seems like a challenge. But, after some 12.5 million viewers tuned in for the premiere of '$#*! My Dad Says,' CBS must feel confident that people actually want to watch a Twitter-themed program -- regardless of how terrible it is.

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