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AOL Tech Texts Fake Emergencies, Helps You Get out of Awkward Dates
Why go through the hassle of being honest with a bad date, when you can just fabricate a mysterious excuse and hit the road? A new service called is designed to help us do just that.

As MakeUseOf explains, the free SMS and voice application sends disgruntled date goers timely "emergency" text messages, giving them a believable reason to jump ship. All you have to do is text 'SMS' to a specific number, followed by the number of minutes after which you'd like to receive your get-out-of-jail-free text. Texting 'SMS 10,' for example, will give you an ostensibly urgent message in ten minutes. And, in case your date suspects foul play, you can even customize the emergency, or have the service directly call you, instead of sending a text. We'd love to tell you more about Get Rescu'd, but we just got a very important phone call, so, um, maybe next time?

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