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Real-World 'Iron Man' XOS 2 Suit Demonstrated by 'Iron Man' Actor

XOS 2 suit
Sarcos first revealed its XOS human exoskeleton prototype several years ago, and the empowering super suit immediately elicited references to Tony Stark and 'Iron Man.' Raytheon, the defense contractor responsible for numerous apps of mass destruction and the intolerable Active Denial System "pain ray," has been aiding the development of the Stark-esque Sarcos technology, and a new video demonstrating the exoskeleton's enhanced capabilities has landed.

Raytheon fittingly decided to capitalize on the superhero analogy by inviting 'Iron Man 2' actor Clark Gregg to demonstrate the new XOS. The upgraded suit, sequentially named the XOS 2, reportedly now requires "50-percent less power" while it enables the wearer to awesomely amaze ladies and gents by performing limitless push-ups. The video certainly impresses, but Raytheon still has some significant work to accomplish with its acronyms and terminology. Berkeley Bionics, Raytheon's archenemy in the arena of comic book tech, definitely has a leg-up right now with the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC).

Raytheon Exoskeleton

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